Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams

Administrative & Finance 

Linda Bergstrom/Tina Hannold, Elders Bob Crum, Treasurer 

This ministry team oversees the general business affairs and day-to-day operation of the church and its paid staff. This includes the development, use, accounting, and growth of all financial resources of the church and personnel matters not assigned specifically to the Pastor or the Session.

Worship and Music

Rhonnie Besonday/April Martin, Elders

To provide the congregation with appropriate opportunities, atmosphere,  and accommodations fitting for the worship of God, the Holy One who is Creator of All. Working closely with the pastor, musicians, liturgists, and other support persons, this ministry will plan, advise, consult, and effect a wide variety of worship opportunities as we enhance the sense of worth, value, majesty, honor and glory of God in our congregational worship.



Alan Thiese/Dick Cutliffe, Elders

To provide and/or oversee the inventory, care, protection, cleaning, and maintenance of the church properties and equipment.

Work Day

Congregational Life

Sandy Thiese/Joyce McDonagh, Elders

To plan, conduct, and/or oversee all church dinners and use of the kitchen.

Christian Education

Joanne Combs, Elder

To provide Christian Education opportunities for the entire congregation, their families, and the community at large which will lead to a mature understanding of Scripture, the Christian faith, the Presbyterian Church and relevant social issues of the day. With this understanding we seek to be a church where we can intelligently and joyously help each other find hope in this life and experience home as it ought to be both now and forever more.

VBS - eyes

Mission & Outreach

Sandy Thiese, Elder

To develop and promote the good news of Jesus Christ and welcome neighbors into our fellowship community, giving opportunities for our congregation to participate in Outreach ministry

To spread the word of God to all people through service and friendship
To tell the Good news to all people
To connect with neighbors both locally and worldwide through service and friendship
To be God’s light by acts of service and love.


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